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New Jersey Devils give former center custom 'Seinfeld' pads for Festivus

December 20, 2017

In 2016, the New Jersey Devils held a contest to design a custom set of pads for goaltender Keith Kinkaid. Amidst the avalanche of adorable crayon scribbles from six-year-olds across the Tri-State, one submission from the Devils' own Adam Henrique caught the attention of the judges: Former teammate Stephen Gionta's head roughly photoshopped onto the prone, half-naked body of one George Costanza.

Unfortunately, before these almost unthinkably preposterous pads could be commissioned, Henrique was shipped off to the Anaheim Ducks and the joke, as it were, went with him. Or, at least, that's what Henrique thought until Tuesday night, when, returning to the Prudential Center for a battle against his old team, he was presented with a little Festivus miracle:

Now there are plenty of great pad designs butterflying around the NHL right now (see: the Winter Classic beauties Hank Lundqvist literally just unveiled), but these bad boys are head and five-hole above the rest, restoring one of the great George moments in the Seinfeld canon back to its full and fierce glory.

Now all we need is someone to spray up a Kramer mask for Luongo and we'll have an honest-to-goodness reunion cooking.