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New Giants head coach Joe Judge says being a special teams coach was like making a sandwich

New York Giants fans are hungry for some wins. After watching new head coach Joe Judge's opening press conference on Thursday, they're also hungry for a mid-afternoon snack.

Unlike New York Jets current head coach Adam Gase, Judge made a good first impression with the media, trotting out staple N.Y. sports teams head coach cliches like "hard working," "blue collar" and "best pizza in the world." Ok, so maybe that last one isn't true, but Judge did make a food reference that was, um, peculiar, to say the least. When discussing his role in New England, where he spent five seasons under Bill Belichick as the special teams coordinator, Judge likened it to ... making a sandwich?

"My role when I first went there was heavy on personnel," Judge said. "Being a special teams coach you have to know every player on your team inside and out, because you have to know who you can use with a limited menu. It's kind of like when you're hungry and your dad says 'figure out a way to make a sandwich.' You don't know what's in there but you've got to find a way, because you've got to eat, right? So I've got to know what everybody does so I can put those ingredients together and get the most out of it."

This sounds absurd in writing, of course. Surely, it sounded better on video, right? Ehh...

Yep, still sounds ridiculous, but as a Giants fan, I have no choice but to love it. Let's make a freaking sandwich people, provided Taylor Ham is one of the ingredients. Giants do play in Jersey after all.