Nelly Korda’s Masters nightmare is as terrifying as it gets

April 13, 2023
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You’re on the 18th green about to win the Masters. You’re leading on the last day and the whole world is watching your every move. You eight putt it, and then wake up from your dream soaked in sweat, gasping for air. It’s petrifying, and it’s evidently what happened to one of the best golfers in the world.

LPGA star Nelly Korda admitted to having a Masters nightmare (on her Insta story) that many of us have had, the only difference being that she has the actual talent and mastery to have a great showing at Augusta National. An eight putt to end your round and ruin a major chance is as brutal a finish as there could be, except for maybe whatever Brooks Koepka was doing on Sunday.

Not sleeping afterward is tough too. Gotta get your REM sleep, that’s critical.

The Masters may be over, but the thought of trying our luck at Augusta National and a good day there will never leave our minds. Wonder if Korda’s on the practice greens right now shaping up for another dream, so she can win it all the next go-around.