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NCAA hero Brad Dalke’s mom does the mom thing by kinda, sorta embarrassing him on Twitter

With a legion of fans devoted to the school’s sports programs, it’s no surprise the Oklahoma men’s golf team’s victory on Wednesday over Oregon in the finals of the NCAA Championship would stir up plenty of pride among the Boomer Sooner set. The marquee value of some of the well wishers was fairly impressive.

While Brad Dalke was already well known among golf fans for committing to OU as a 12-year-old, playing in the Masters after finishing runner-up at the U.S. Amateur, taking down Rory McIlroy in a arm-wrestling challenge and taking a sweet selfie with Holly Saunders, his championship clinching victory on Wednesday earned him a new group of admirers.


Jamie Schwaberow

So too did the fact that Dalke delayed a post-victory interview on Golf Channel in order to make sure he got to first share a brief moment with his mom and dad.

In typical mom fashion, Kay Dalke used Twitter to praise her baby boy/explain why there was the delay ... while simultaneously embarrassing him just a smidge.

Let's all say it together ... 1, 2, 3: Awwww!!