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NBA first-round draft pick has an impressively small amount of money in his bank account (For now)

July 11, 2018

This wasn't meant to be a "the NCAA should really start paying its athletes" post, but, well, maybe the NCAA should really start paying its athletes. Take Donte DeVincenzo, who led Villanova to the NCAA men's basketball title earlier this year. As a recent NBA first-round draft pick, Donte is about to be rich. But until he signs his contract with the Milwaukee Bucks, he's still just a poor college kid.

Make that a completely broke college kid. Check it out:

THREE DOLLARS AND SEVENTY-ONE CENTS?! Between TWO bank accounts?! Is he still eating for free on the Villanova campus?! We are equally saddened and impressed by the low figure -- especially if Donte managed to go the entire year without Wells Fargo slapping him with an overdraft penalty.

The fact that he has $1.03 in his savings account is particularly noteworthy. That amount will really come in handy in a crisis. Oh, and why is he in a casino with that little cash on him? Is he playing penny slots?

Fortunately, we can all laugh at Donte's account summary (teammate D.J. Wilson blew up his spot) because it's about to change in a big way. As the 17th selection in June's NBA Draft, he's eligible to sign a deal worth up to $5.3 million over two years. We just hope that letting his new team know just how little money he has doesn't hurt his leverage in ongoing contract talks.