Using Microsoft's Tag Reader

October 13, 2009

Tips Plus on-the-go: If you have a smartphone like Ian Poulter (above), you can use it to visit and download the free app, MS Tag Reader. Then use the app to snap each coded image (above or in the magazine) and begin watching.

Mobile phones and PDAs are a part of modern life on and off the golf course. And now we've taken it one step further...

If you've received the November issue of Golf Digest you'll notice that we've taken the bold step of adding bar codes to many of the instruction articles in Golf Digest that link to video lessons by Senior Editors Peter Morrice and Stina Sternberg. They add an important visual dimension to tips provided by the best teachers and players every month.

but we're also making them available so you can watch the videos in one hand while you read the magazine in the other.

All you need is what's called a smartphone -- a fairly new cell phone with a built-in camera. (view a list of compatible devices) Download a free application on your phone at Click onto the Microsoft Tag app, and snap a picture of each bar code included on the tips pages throughout this issue, and then click "use." The video lesson will appear on your screen and begin playing.

Maybe some day, when the sacred rules change, you'll be able to take your magazine and smartphone to the practice range and improve your game. And check your messages at the turn.

More Information on Mobile Tags

You can download Microsoft's Tag Reader in two ways:

1. Use your mobile browser

Open the Internet browser on your mobile phone and visit


2. Send a link to your mobile device

Go to Microsoft's Tag Reader download center and enter your phone number (US numbers only), and Microsoft will send you a text message with link.*

(for Windows Mobile or Nokia S60 smartphones)

** Note: Your wireless service provider may charge you for data services or text messages received as a result of this service.*