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Mr. Style: Europe wins the Fashion Cup

September 21, 2008

LOUISVILLE--Golf Digest's Mr. Style, Fashion Editor Marty Hackel, gives the advantage to the Europeans on the team uniforms for Day 3 of the Ryder Cup. His take:

Regardless of the finish on the course, Europe wins the Fashion Cup. The Euros' Sunday outfits are by far the best of the week. Modern, trim and well-fit, they look sharp.

Yes, the Americans are wearing Tiger Red, but the very dark trousers just make the outfit look dull. Especially with dark shoes the look is clean and serious but not very exciting or athletic.

The Euros' white shirts once again have great trim details, and their trousers are light enough to make their players look athletic. The white hats also help. Naturally, no one looks better than Ian Poulter.