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Mr. Style: Day 2 Edge to Europeans

September 20, 2008

LOUISVILLE--Golf Digest's Mr. Style, Fashion Editor Marty Hackel, gives the advantage to the Europeans on the team uniforms for Day 2 of the Ryder Cup. His take:

I call it a huge edge for the Europeans on Saturday. The U.S. uniforms are very somber, very conservative, very safe--no life, no pep, no zip. The trousers once again look like they really fit well, but unfortunately the color makes the uniform pretty bland. In short, it's the kind of outfit that looks great on the Champions Tour.

The Europeans once again look modern and hip. The turquoise of the shirts against the green grass is effective, especially with the light-color trousers. The shirts had the same basic design as Friday's, and the self-collar (same fabric for the collar as the body of the shirt) is modern and smart. And see how great the white shoes are?