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Mr. Style: Day 1 to the Americans

September 19, 2008

Golf Digest's Mr. Style, Fashion Editor Marty Hackel, gives the U.S. the advantage on Day 1 uniforms. His take:

Surprisingly, the Americans stepped it up a notch. I expected the Europeans to look smart, but I didn't expect the Americans to look so good--they look terrific. The white shirt's dark-blue, diamond-argyle diamond pattern reads beautifully on television with red and blue stitching across the face. The dark-blue trousers offer excellent contrast.

The Europeans' shirt looks much more contemporary than the Americans with the same technical fabric (light weight and breathable) that they're using every day. The zippered-collar shirt--white with contrasting Euro blue and beige stripes across the back--looks much more like an athletic team uniform. Europe wins on the trousers: more tailored in light gray.

Of note: The players are wearing their own belts, shoes and gloves. So much for logo-free uniforms.