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America's Most-Improved Golfers of 2007

April 06, 2008

With help from state and regional golf associations and handicap vendors in areas not on the USGA's GHIN system, we scoured the country for golfers whose Indexes plunged in 2007. We honor two men (low- and middle-handicaps), a woman and a junior who improved the most in each state (maximum starting handicap: 40.4 for females, 36.4 for males). View our exclusive list of the 200 Most Improved Golfers.



Our rankings use a USGA formula developed by Dean Knuth that allows improvement at different levels to be compared "apples to apples." The equation: Add 12 to a player's Index at the start of a season (A), then add 12 to the Index at the end of the season (B). Divide A by B, calculating to three decimal places to get the player's Improvement Factor. A golfer who goes from 20.0 to 10.0 has about the same Improvement Factor as one who goes from 5.0 to scratch. On the right are the Top-10 Most Improved Golfers (adults) nationwide for 2007 and their Improvement Factors.

In our search for the country's Most Improved golfers, we no doubt missed a few good candidates. If you know someone who belongs on our honor roll or have a success story of your own, tell us about it.