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More U.S. Open Contest Essays

December 16, 2007

This contest is turning into a family affair. Hundreds of the more than 3500 essays come from brothers, fathers, daughters and sons. A sampling....


For Dan in California and Rick in Kansas it's a brother thing:

Dan: I have a brother who teaches golf in Florida...I would like to prove to my friends and my brother than I can play and that he is a good teacher. I have the skills and ability to prove Tiger wrong!

Rick: I am writing on behalf of my brother, Randy; his age is 56. He loves golf. Several years ago he developed a blood disease that almost took his life and now on his road to recovery, he is on disability....He's been up against a lot of situations in his life and conquered them all. He never asks for himself. Rick Evans.

From Robert in Warrensburg, Missouri, it's about he and his sons:

My boys and I have the same dream every June: Could we break 80 on that U. S. Open course? Sure, we talk a good game, but reality sets in as we watch some of the world's best players shoot in the 80s. What a thrill it would be my boys, who play on their high school golf team, that my score of 98 at Torrey Pines will prove Tiger wrong, although it will also prove that my dream of breaking 80 on a U.S. Open course won't ever come true.

Bill, a father from Columbia, South Carolina, takes the humble approach and promises to clean up his act for NBC:

I know this won't be chosen unless it is witty and stands out from the pack. Unfortunately, neither my writing nor my golf has ever stood out. I am a married father of two who would love the challenge of representing Joe Dad during the Father's Day time of year. I am a Southerner but promise not to spit, pick, cuss or scratch on life television. Handicap is about a 10.....

No one has more on the line than Clay, a 12 handicap, from Mississippi:

I really need to win because I read this story to my wife & she heard what Tiger said about a 10 handicap breaking 100, then she asked if I could. "Sure, why not?" I replied. I was wondering where she was going with this & she said if I could shoot under 100, I could play all the golf I want & she wouldn't say anything. Then she said: "Like that's really going to happen."

But perhaps my favorite so far comes from Douglas of Washington State, who nominates both himself and his brother:

I will shoot 95. My brother if you prefer him, Rob, will shoot a 76. One of us will dedicate this to our honorable father, a scratch golfer, a decatholon champion of Canada 3 years in a row and a physician whom passed away at the early age of 62. We would be honored to play for him in this event which he would have loved.

--Bob Carney

(Photo: Torrey Pines photo from UC San Diego)