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More Stack & Tilt

__We love it when a tour player comes up to us and says, "Hey, you're working with so-and-so. I saw him on the range doing this," and he mimics a backswing with the spine tilting way left. We love it because that's exactly what a backswing should look like.

-- Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett

__Another Stack & Tilt believer checks in:

__I read about the new stack and tilt swing in my latest issue. I tried it 2  or 3 times at the driving range - hitting 30 or 40 balls each time.  I played 2 rounds of golf using it. Today, I just came back from my second round.   I am stunned at how much better and more consistent I am hitting my irons.  The only issue I still have is this: It has not improved my tee off with  my driver at all. I have never been able to hit a driver well and still  cannot.

For my irons, I am now hitting almost every shot flush. I am amazed and  very excited. If I could only hit my driver the same way, I would drop my score by over 20 shots - from around 100 to 80. I am not kidding.  If you can help me hit flush shots consistently with my driver, what an  endorsement a 20 shot drop in my game would be. My friends are stunned at  my iron shot sudden improvement, by the way. I had been able to hit many decent iron shots during a round, but nothing close to what I achieved  today using the stack and tilt swing. -- Brian Gilbert, Quebec.__

Brian, you missed the advice from Andy Plummer on the driver: __"Players who feel too steep coming down with the driver should try one of three things: First, make sure the ball position is far enough forward.The ball should be opposite the front heel with the driver. Second, keep the hand path more to the inside, both on the backswing and more importantly on the downswing. When the hands move out and away from the body on the downswing, the swing gets too steep and over the top. This is a common fault with the driver. Third, the player might need to stand up faster on the downswing. That upward thrust of the lower body helps to shallow out the swing." __

Good luck with that driver...

—Bob Carney