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__A politician is a person who approaches every problem with an open mouth. Adlai Stevenson, as quoted in The 2548 Best Things Anybody Ever Said


Wow. We knew that Rush Limbaugh was a lightning rod and that making him the subject of our Final Exam in August would be, um, electric. But we didn't know how electric. The rush to bash Rush (or politics in our pages in any form) continues. Because these were sent as letters and not as comments, I'll post here:

Don't get me wrong. I don't have any delusions about the politics of the typical Golf Digest reader but I do take exception in offering his worn-out act any additional air play. Golf is in fact one of the few places I can co-mingle with my friends from the dark side and still enjoy the afternoon without tripping over some hot-button issue. Would prefer that Golf Digest do its part in continuing its fine coverage of golf and leave politics out of your pages. What's the problem was Ann Coulter busy? Or are you saving her for an annual Women in Golf issue? Then again that might not work for a whole different set of reasons, but I digress.

Gary Parks >

Seattle, Washington

So, what should we call Rush Limbaugh's home course? Prescription Fraud National? You'd be well served to keep golfers and others political views out of your magazine. If I want to hear that crap, I'll watch Fox News Channel. >

David Loftus >

Overland Park, KS

My friends and I play golf together, never mentioning politics, and have a great time. For that reason I feel that it's best that the two are never mixed. On the other hand you decided to introduce Rush Limbaugh in your August "Final Exam" and it occurs to me that it was because of who he is off the golf course, not on. Since it was your decision to do so I suppose I could go on about what an odious buffoon Mr. Limbaugh is, often misstating an issue or using a "red herring" to dishonestly manipulate his listener. Instead I would caution you about using controversial personalities in your pages. Someone might get annoyed and find another magazine. >

Steve Leyndyke >

Carmel, Indiana

Dear Editor, >

Do not assume your readers are Republicans.  That theme has come through your magazine lately.  Seeing Limbaugh on the back page was the last straw.  I am always interested in golf tips and storys; but I don't want that kind of conservative junk coming into my house. Thank you, >

Mark Kahnke >


Mark, Gary, we do not assume you are all Republicans, nor should you assume we are. David, that was very unkind. Steve, we generally do not mix politics into our pages. But an interview on a celebrity's golfing habits once in a while, is that so terrible? I'm of the liberal persuasion myself and call me a softee, but I almost get a warm feeling knowing that at least Rush was right about our great game. But then he's right about most everything. Nonetheless, your points, as they say in Washington, are candid, constructive and certainly well-taken.

Now the real question is, can we get an American to win this Open Championship?

--Bob Carney