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More Response to Kenny Perry

October 12, 2008

A few days ago we published several responses to Kenny Perry's comments at the Tour Championship that "having" to be at the tournament "ruined the greatest week of my life, comin'here. It really has." Perry said he was "just trying to get my last-place check, post a 72-hole number and go home. This week has ruined my week, the week I geared up for my whole life. It's like winning the Super Bowl and then you got to play a football game the next day."

An Ontario, Canada, reader couldn't take it:

On page Pg 42 of the October 3 Golf World you write about the Payne Stewart Award [won by Davis Love III]. How about The Kenny Perry Award for the biggest Jerk of the Year? "Worst experience of my life" "Don't want to be here". "Don't want nothin' to do with this deal". "He got $92,500 per day and that is the worst experience of his life.Most people don't earn that in a year. Thousands of us have lost that much of our retirement savings this year. Kenny Perry-2008 PGA "Jerk of The Year."

R. Smith

Oakville, Ontario

Not sure what got into Kenny in Atlanta, but I suspect he's re-thinking those words. If he isn't, your letter will help.

--Bob Carney