Beer, eh?

Molson just released a limited-edition beer poured into the Stanley Cup itself

These days there are too many beer gimmicks to even count. Milkshake this and dry-hopped that. Double. Triple. Quadruple. Quintuple. Mountain Dew-infused and Kit Kat-imbued. A trappist ale aged at a monastery they built just so they could call it a trappist ale. We could go on for hours, but this week Molson Canadian came up with a twist to the time-honored suds formula that we have yet to see:

Beer brewed with the help of Lord Stanley’s Cup.

Don’t get too excited. Molson’s so-called Stanley Cup Batch isn’t brewed in the greatest chalice known to man, but beer “kissed by” (read: poured through) the cup is added to every batch, ensuring that somewhere in every bottle is a particle that has in fact touched the Stanley Cup. That may not sound like much, but it’s probably as close as you’re ever going to get to planting your lips on that sucker. Plus it’s beer, so who’s really complaining?

Also in today’s day and age, it’s probably worth noting that the North Division sponsors made sure that Stanley Cup underwent rigorous sterilization protocols before being inserted into the brewing process. Maybe that helps you sleep better at night. Maybe you understand that very little bacteria is going to survive the super-heated mash process anyway. Either way, make sure to keep an eye out for the Stanley Cup Batch, available in limited-edition six packs in Canadian markets for as long as the ice holds up.