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Minnesota man threatens to burn down golf club supervisor’s house over parking

September 28, 2023

Jub Rubjob

Golf club parking is always a tricky subject, but it rarely necessitates setting someone’s house ablaze. Well, 40-year-old Nicholas Lorin Bromeling of Detroit Lakes might disagree with that sentiment as he threatened exactly that during an unhinged meltdown at Detroit Country Club back in August.

A neighbor to the course, Bromeling furiously charged over to the club on August 9 to complain about players parking in his driveway. Known for his reportedly “erratic and known to the country club” behavior, the man began to make threats, most notably that he would burn down the supervisor’s house in retaliation. The supervisor told Bromeling to get help, which only boosted the infuriated man’s outrage.

Becker County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to disorder at the course. Bromeling eventually went back home and began to hit “golf balls towards golfers across the street while yelling and using vulgar language.” An emergency call from a neighbor tipped off the authorities about this development.

Bromeling was ultimately arrested and charged with making felony threats of violence and misdimeanor assault. He posted a $1,000 cash bail and has a court date scheduled for October 2nd.