Well Played

Min Woo Lee drops dramatic hype video to announce where he'll be playing in 2024

December 14, 2023

Andy Cheung

The world of professional golf is pure chaos right now with LIV poaching PGA Tour players while negotiating with the PGA Tour, and golfers like Jon Rahm doing prime-time televised "Decision" appearances like they're LeBron James. But on a much (much) smaller scale, Min Woo Lee announced what tour he'll be playing on in 2024—and it was perfect.

The popular Aussie made it clear he'll be taking his talents doing his cooking on the PGA Tour after earning his card during a brilliant 2023 campaign. And he capitalized on this moment of golfers making commitments by dropping a dramatic hype video. Hit it, Min Woo!

Well played. That's art right there.

I've also been informed by one of Golf Digest's young bucks that there's some sort of "Spongebob" reference in there, but, sadly, I'm too old to get it. Still, I know a strong—and well-timed—hype video when I see one.

In addition to eye-popping ball speed and a jaw-dropping short game, the young man has a real flair for the dramatic. If the PGA Tour is lucky, he'll also help out their social media team in 2024.