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Here's your chance to help the homeless rapper who miraculously qualified for this week's Korn Ferry event

April 25, 2023

One would think that there are only a finite amount of golf stories. Surprising animals on greens, unsung golfers winning events, heated exchanges on the course. Been there, done that. Well, here’s something brand new.

Mike Sweeney, a man without a mailing address or car, qualified for a Korn Ferry event in Alabama in the most dazzling of ways. According to Monday Q Info (the place to go for the feeder-circuit odds and ends), the journeyman rapper, Subway “sandwich artist” and equestrian shit-shoveler, holed a 35-yard bunker shot on the 18th hole to sneak into a five-for-two playoff and eventually make the cut for the KFT.

Sweeney spent almost all of the money he had to his name to afford the $500 entry fee for the Korn Ferry Monday at the Huntsville Open and shot a 65 to clinch a playoff, advancing with a par on the second hole. Later this week, Sweeney will tee it up for the first time under the PGA Tour insignia.

If you want to help out Sweeney as he tries to make his dream come to true, you can do so at the Venmo QR code below.

Many on social media have sent over a bit of cash to assist Sweeney as he gets set for one of the biggest weeks of his life.

It also looks like he may need a new hotel, as the following tweet apparently contains interesting reviews of where he’s been residing. Monday Q Info wrote that the Google reviews "are littered with complaints of bed bugs, customers being charged for nights they didn’t stay there and drug dealers and sex workers frequenting the parking lot."

Every anecdote about Sweeney, the new most interesting man in golf, is wilder than the one before it. He never played college golf, has bowled seven perfect games and lived for months in his car, and yet, that can all be potentially topped by him winning a PGA Tour-sanctioned event this weekend.