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Michelle Wie started a food Instagram, and brb cuz we just got hungry

November 27, 2017

As Michelle Wie travels around the world, she shows her followers on Instagram and Snapchat all of the delicious food she consumes. But now, barely a week into her off-season, she’s made her love of exploring food official by starting a food Instagram, called WhatDoWieEat. And let’s just say, her off-season looks delicious.

Her Instagram bio explains it all: 'What can I say? I like to eat."

Wie’s tastes are interesting – sometimes she’s eating classic American favorites, like onion rings and ice cream. Sometimes she shows her millennial foodie side, clinking glasses of wine or munching on acai bowls. And then other times, she’s unexpected and brave. Think… eating live squid or chicken feet.

Munch on, Michelle. Those of us lacking brave taste buds will be here eating all the candy in the office candy jar, living vicariously through your adventures in cuisine.