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Michael Jordan roasting former teammate Luc Longley over the one time he complimented him is PEAK Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan rarely, if ever, does sitdown interviews, which is what made "The Last Dance" so compelling. Even if it was just MJ waxing poetic about his own accomplishments, it was still so captivating because we so seldom hear from the GOAT.

Somehow, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC News) got Jordan on camera to discuss former teammate Luc Longley, who hails from Australia. In the interview, Jordan says one of his biggest regrets from "The Last Dance" was not including Longley. "If I could look back and change anything, that's probably what I would have changed," he said

Unfortunately for Longley, that's not the only excerpt from the excellent longform story that's making the rounds on social media. An actual video clip of Jordan is, and it features him telling the tale of the time he complimented Longley after the Aussie big man had a great first quarter performance against the Utah Jazz in 1998. As for the rest of the game, Longley wasn't as great, which Jordan hilariously points out in the now-viral clip:

As great as some of the clips from "The Last Dance" are, this clip right here really might be peak MJ. While discussing a guy that was left out of the documentary, and how much he regrets leaving him out, he still manages to dig up an old story as a way of roasting the poor dude. The way he recalls the exact stats, and is still angry about this random game, is CrazyTown behavior of the highest order. That's why there is only one MJ, though, and there will never be another.