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Michael Breed's easy fix to improve your driving

January 04, 2020
Michael Breed

J.D. Cuban

If you're struggling with the driver, focus on making more body turn during the backswing. Why? Because the stress you’re feeling is probably causing you to make a shorter, tighter swing. Adding more turn will put you back to where you normally are, which can reverse the issues you’re having.

A good swing thought for more rotation is this: Feel like you’re turning into the heel of your trail foot while lightening the pressure on your lead foot. Make sure you don’t just slide your hips back; it has to be a weight shift caused by the rotation of your upper body and pelvis (above). To promote this, another good feel is the lead hip turning farther back. This fuller backswing motion will help you regain your natural tempo and minimize the need to save shots with hand action on the downswing.

More turn means more consistency—and finding your mojo again off the tee.


Quicken Loans National - Round Two

Rob Carr

If you’re like a lot of golfers, you carry a towel to clean your clubs and wipe your hands and face. Great, but to avoid spreading dirt all over your mug, divide your towel in half. Wet one end for cleaning grooves, and use the rest of that half for your grips. Keep the other side clean for your face. And wash your towel oſt en—don’t be superstitious. A dirty towel had nothing to do with your career round back in June.



A few things to keep in mind with kids. First, make it fun. Tee off with tennis balls, have contests—and definitely avoid technical advice. Second, applaud the good stuff. Even simple things like getting it airborne. Last, keep the ride home positive. Save your “Golf is a tough game” speech for the teenage years.