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Michael Breed

The Leading Edge
Michael Breed's secret to hitting power draws

Drop your trail elbow to attack from the inside

The Leading Edge
Try Michael Breed's best tips for adding more height to your iron shots

Be careful with the traditional advice when it comes to better iron play

The Leading Edge
Michael Breed: The two things you need to escape the sand

Bunker play the easy way

Play Your Best | The Leading Edge
Shank solution: These two changes will save you

Get your swing back now!

Play Your Best | The Leading Edge
Flush Your Fairway Woods

To get more lift, stop trying to lift

Play Your Best | The Leading Edge
Why speed is the key on every putt
Pitching with Touch
Simplify The Short Game

Hint: It's not about having great hands

The Leading Edge
How To Make Chipping Easy

Here's my system for always grabbing the right club

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