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Michael Breed's basics to making a better hybrid swing

January 21, 2020

Nathaniel Welch

It’s true that hybrids are great out of the rough. The wide sole can handle the heavy grass without getting stuck. But understand that you need to make a steeper swing. Just like with fairway woods, a descending strike is the way to go. A few adjustments at address will set up the impact you want.


Nathaniel Welch

First, open the clubface and grip down about an inch (above). Shortening the club gives you more control, and the open face counteracts the tendency for the grass to twist the clubhead at impact. Next, stand a little closer to the ball, which pre-sets a steeper swing plane. Finally, play the ball an inch farther back to increase your chance of catching the ball clean. Get the setup right, and your only swing thought is to cut across the ball a little. With this setup, you’ll take advantage of these amazing clubs.