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Michael Breed: How to flush it off the deck with a 3-wood

January 21, 2020
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I know the long shaft and lack of loft on a 3-wood can freak you out. The typical issues are hitting the ground before the ball or catching it thin. But sometimes you need the horsepower of that club. To hit it solid, just tweak how you swing. The swing’s low point should come after impact, and the best way to achieve that is to cut across the ball from out to in.

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The more you swing to the left through impact (right-handers), the more you move that low point forward. Don’t worry about slicing; this technique will give you a power fade.

Make your normal backswing, then on the way down, push your hands out and away from you and swing through to the left of your target line.

This cut-type swing will help you hit the ball, then the ground, resulting in a perfect 3-wood strike.

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