Michael Breed: Creating Speed With The Driver

September 24, 2015

Let me give you an image for creating speed with the driver. Picture you have a cup of coffee in your car and you're merging onto a highway. Are you going to gun it from a dead stop? No way. By accelerating gradually you can reach the speed you need and avoid a nasty spill.

Same with the golf swing: You want to build momentum as you go so you can achieve maximum speed through impact. A quick move off the ball or a fast start down won't do you any good. Feel like you take your time swinging to the top, then make a smooth transition into the downswing, accelerating through the ball. Take some practice swings, and try to get the whoosh of the clubhead to come on the front side of the swing, after the impact area. Do that in your real swing, and you'll pound your tee shots.


No. 13: Michael Breed

New York City

Host Of "The Golf Fix" On Golf Channel