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This (fake?) Michael Block-inspired headcover is proof that the internet remains undefeated

It's not quite "Frank," AKA Tiger Woods' iconic tiger driver headcover, but this Michael Block-inspired headcover is one that could definitely end up in a lot of weekend hackers' bags if it is, in fact, real.

The folks at Cayce Golf, a brand that specializes in cool, unique and customized headcovers, unveiled their latest creation on Thursday, not long after Block's controversial quote regarding Rory McIlroy's length.

"What I would shoot from where Rory hits it [off the tee] would be stupid," said Block on the RipperMagoo podcast hosted by Bob Menery, much to Golf Twitter's chagrin.

Instead of hating on it like everyone else, Cayce Golf came up with the genius idea of slapping the borderline-iconic quote from the 46-year-old club pro on a headcover:

Of course, this could very well just be a funny social media joke from Cayce Golf, as we'd imagine they'd need Block's permission to slap his quote on a headcover and start selling it to the masses. Hopefully they do, because this would be a hilarious deep cut Golf Twitter joke and an easy conversation starter on the first tee. Also, for all those who hated on Block's quote, who among us hasn't actually thought "man, if I hit it as long as Rory, I'd be so good." Sure, we'd all still manage to barely break 80 with McIlroy's length, but there's nothing wrong with dreaming big. Block's entire last seven days is proof of that.