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Michael Block can’t stop hitting ridiculous golf shots, stripes one off a gravel bridge

There was something to be said for Michael Block finally being back on a golf course. It’s his natural environment, where the 46-year-old California club professional looks most comfortable. Yeah, he’s got a good personality in front of the cameras—although too much time talking into a microphone was inevitably going to lead to saying something surprising—and he’s deservedly enjoying the spotlight after his PGA Championship performance. But it’s with a golf club in his hands, dunking holes-in-one and pulling off miracle up-and-downs, that Michael Block is the person golf fans have fallen in love with.

And falling in love again they did on Thursday at the Charles Schwab Challenge when Block added to his highlight reel of ridiculousness by pulling off yet another amazing golf shot.

It was the par-4 10th hole at Colonial Country Club, and Block, two over on the day, hit his drive right of the fairway, the ball coming to rest on a gravel-covered bridge inside a penalty area. If the bridge wasn’t in the hazard, Block could have gotten free relief. But to move it now would have meant taking a one-shot penalty, and well, having a difficult third shot with the trees that were in the way still lurking.

“Risky, but the other shot is no bargin,” noted Curt Bryum on the Golf Channel broadcast.

After conferring with rules official Clay Neely, Block tried to figure out what he should do, talking to his caddie as his ball sat only 114 yards away from the green. “It’s a tough shot, but I don’t want to take the penalty,” Block could be heard saying, talking himself into what’s happened next:

Needless to say, Golf Channel’s commentators were appropriated mesmerized.

“Oh, he got over the tree and this looks good," said a stunned Smylie Kaufman.

“Oh come on now,” said Terry Gannon. "Just add it to the legend.”

As if Block was listening the broadcasters himself, he then jumped in:

“Better than taking a penalty, right guys? … I can’t believe it didn’t get it there.”

Block chipped his third shot to 15 inches and make the par putt. Unfortunately for him, it wasn't the momentum turning moment he'd probably have liked to have had, as he proceeded to bogey his next three holes. Maybe the magic is running dry. But it didn't entirely disappear.