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Memorial Tournament fan delights pros (and infuriates security) with ironic autograph request


Ross Kinnaird

There’s nothing better than a good bit. You just have to commit wholeheartedly and it will be appreciated immensely ... well, at least by most. That’s exactly what happened at Muirfield Village this week as Reddit user db_banner discovered a new autograph item, much to the chagrin of Memorial Tournament security.

When you see a sign that states "NO AUTOGRAPHS," there’s only one logical thing to do … get autographs on that sign. Eight PGA Tour pros agreed.

When pushed on how he got the sign, the original poster told a story that’s as amusing as the board itself.

“I had been eyeing it up all morning thinking it would be cool to get autographs on. Then about an hour later I saw an employee taking them down so I asked if I could have one. He hesitated but then handed me one.

“Once I started having pros sign it, a security guard took notice and made a big deal out of it. He was radioing to higher-up people trying to figure out how I got it. At one point he grabbed it to look at it, so I gripped harder so he couldn’t take it. And then I got the hell outta there.”

Apart from Alex Smalley’s “crappy” John Hancock, it’s a bit tough to figure out who’s who, but a few enterprising Reddit users seem to have put together a correct rundown: Jordan Spieth, Xander Schauffele, Matt Fitzpatrick, Aaron Rai, Ben An and Akshay Bhatia.

With the designated event’s elevated field, this was the perfect tournament to get an autographed "NO AUTOGRAPHS" sign. It’s something the pros will remember as well, so nice work by db_banner.

“All of the pros loved it,” the miscreant said. “Alex Smalley said this was his favorite thing he has signed.”