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The Masters: What To Look For Online


Golf Digest and Golf World will be covering the Masters in print, online, and through various channels of social media.

The season's first major is upon us! And really, who hasn't been counting down to the first tee shot at Augusta? Beginning on Tuesday, and extending well past the final putt on Sunday, we plan to bring the Masters to life on several digital platforms.

Among the many features you can expect on GolfDigest.com


All-day analysis in the Local Knowledge blog

from respected Golf Digest and Golf World writers such as Dave Kindred, Ron Sirak, Bill Fields, and Geoff Shackelford.

A live feed of Masters tweets on our homepage

. These tweets will come from writers, editors and players who are at Augusta.

Live chats with Golf Digest and Golf World writers. Each day at 2:00 pm EDT, one editor or writer will sit down to address your questions about a variety of topics. To participate in these daily afternoon chats, you can either tweet your question and use the #GolfDigest hashtag, or you can ask your questions within the chat itself. Here's the schedule:

Wednesday, April 4: Equipment with Mike Johnson (@EMichaelGW


Thursday, April 5: First-round recap/preview with Ron Sirak (@RonSirak


Friday, April 6: Second-round recap/preview with Tim Rosaforte (@TimRosaforte


Saturday, April 7: Third-round recap/preview with Jaime Diaz (@JaimeDiaz24


Sunday, April 8: Fourth-round recap/preview with Dan Jenkins (@DanJenkinsGD


Monday, April 9: Masters recap with GeoffShackelford (@GeoffShac


A live blog during televised coverage of the Masters. Want to jump into the conversation? You can either use the__#GolfDigest__ hashtag on Twitter or chime in within the chat itself.

Daily photo galleries of Augusta National and the competition from our world-class photographers. Find these galleries on GolfDigest.com


Exclusive images updated throughout the day on our Tumblr

and Instagram


. To include your own photos from Augusta, tag your Instagram photos with the #AugustaAfterHours hashtag.

A one-stop shop of our Masters-related content on our "Masters 2012" Pinterest board


Keep up with the action by following our on-the-ground writers and editors:


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Ryan Herrington: Follow @GWCampusInsider

John Huggan: Follow @JohnHuggan

Christian Iooss: Follow @ChristianIooss

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Sam Weinman: Follow @SamWeinman

Tim Rosaforte: Follow @TimRosaforte

For a list of all editors and writers talking about Augusta, follow our Twitter list

. And, of course, Golf Digest and Golf World will be tweeting all-things Masters at @GolfDigestMag