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Masters 2024: If you’re not watching the Masters with Apple Vision Pro, you’re living in the Dark Ages

Each year, we wax poetic on the Masters app and the host of free streaming content within. We glorify the multi-screen experience as we wait around for 3 p.m. coverage to start and romanticize attending in person despite the fact you can’t use your phone, have to plan out where to meet people days in advance and aren’t allowed to run. In short, we are living in the past and we don’t even realize it.

How are we so certain of this? Because we just saw what the Masters viewing experience looks like with Apple Vision Pro, Apple’s new virtual reality headset.

If you didn’t just spit your pimento cheese all over the 4K flatscreen, then perhaps you don’t realize what you’re looking at. This guy isn’t watching the Masters on any physical surface. He’s beaming it straight into his optical nervous system. Maybe that sounds like overkill to you. To us it sounds like greatest drug in the known universe.

Based on this video, there are seven different feeds of action, an interactive leaderboard you can scroll with the flick of your fingers and even a hole overlay with shot-tracking technology. It looks like a completely immersive sensory experience, but get ready to do some explaining if the missus comes home early, because she is definitely going to get the wrong idea.

Unfortunately, the catch is that the Apple Vision Pro starts at a base price of $3,499. That’s not chump change, especially for a niche gadget that’s still largely unsupported. But that’s what people said about iPhones at the start as well, and now Augusta National has to ban them like the Kremlin just to get everyone to behave for a few hours. So who knows what the future holds, but one thing is certain:

Where we’re going, we might still need roads, but we sure as hell won’t need TV screens.