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Masters 2024: This Masters party host giving out Rory McIlroy bet slips is the best Masters party host ever

April 12, 2024

A decade ago (Time flies!), I wrote a post titled "17 rules for hosting an awesome Masters party." From discouraging people from doing Jim Nantz impressions to encouraging making side bets, I thought I had covered just about everything. But one host this weekend is doing something that could lead to the most fun Masters party of all time.

Introducing Cody DuBose, a criminal defense lawyer in Houston, who is somewhat of a known commodity in the gambling section of Golf Twitter. Cody is apparently hosting a Masters party this year and he's come up with a genius—and generous—way for his guests to really get, um, invested in the action.

That's because DuBose went ahead and placed a bunch of pre-tournament bets on Rory McIlroy to win the green jacket. So if that happens, his party guests will be seeing plenty of green themselves. Have a look:

What a guy, huh?! DuBose locked in one of the favorites at +1225 (or a little more than 12-to-1 odds) meaning if McIlroy wins, each guest will walk away with a party favor of more than $600.

DuBose said he made so many wagers that he moved McIlroy's line at Circa:

And he also added this might be a good way to reveal who the real degenerates are among your friends:

Talk about a fun idea! Not sure what kind of snacks Cody plans on serving, but he's already gone (way) above and beyond. Now his crew just has to hope McIlroy gives them something to root for over the weekend. No pressure, Rory.