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Masters 2024: Ludvig Aberg makes up for dropped snack with massive Chipotle spread after runner-up finish


Ben Walton

It may sound dramatic, but you really do have to wonder just how much Ludvig Aberg was affected on Sunday when he lost his mid-round snack at the Masters. He had just dropped a 36-foot bomb for birdie at the par-4 ninth to reach seven under. The vibes were immaculate.

Then, as he made his way to the 10th tee and fist-bumped all the patrons, he dropped his snack:

I mean, think about it. You just grabbed a share of the lead, all the putts are dropping, you haven't made a bogey yet, and you are about to make the turn with a chance to win the Masters in your first EVER Masters/major start. And then this happens and everything goes to s--t. It makes you think. 

Aberg made double bogey two holes later at the 11th, which wound up being a tournament-killer. He did, however, manage to still finish in solo second at seven under, which is A. an incredible achievement for someone playing in their first Masters Tournament, and B. an all-time bag-securing (Aberg made over $2.1 million for his efforts). 

In other words, while it wasn't a victory, it was still cause for plenty of celebration. Maybe some fancy wine? Some a5 Wagyu beef? Caviar station?

Nope, try a build-your-own burrito/burrito bowl Chipotle bar, which honestly looks and sounds way better, anyway:

Hell of a spread, kid. Real Aberg heads know that this guy legitimately can't quit Chipotle. Back in May of 2023, when Aberg first earned his PGA Tour card, Chipotle was also the meal of choice:

Hey, he likes what he likes.