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Masters 2023: An inside look behind the Augusta National manual leaderboard

April 08, 2023

Christian Petersen

Would you do a bit of manual labor to get a front-row seat at Augusta National on Masters weekend? If so, this right here is the TikTok for you to live vicariously through.

@themasters Behind the scenes of the Masters leader board. #pov #asmr #bts #leaderboard #themasters ♬ Work Hard - Noxer

The Masters took us—and by us, I mean everyone on this godforsaken app that’s ruining our ability to concentrate—behind the scenes for an in-depth look at how the manual leaderboard works. Love to switch a single number and astound the golf faithful that made it into the sport’s holy land.

Now, the video ends right there, but we have some follow-up questions such as … How many 8s do you have available? Or, more optimistically, what about 1s? Are the number cards revamped each year or are we still using ones from the 20th century?

Also, while doing a quick Google search (always gotta research) into the manual leaderboards, I found the following video.

The back-and-forth at the 53-second mark is gold. "So, why take a picture in front of this iconic sign." "Because I saw it on TV." Journalism at its finest right there.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at an Augusta National landmark. Make sure to keep an eye out for the guy who will be changing the numbers for the rest of the weekend. That’ll be Rory McIlroy, of course.