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Masters 2020: Watch Tiger Woods nearly make a hole-in-one during his opening round

November 12, 2020

Tiger Woods hugging his son will be the lasting image from his unforgettable 2019 Masters triumph, but the most exciting moment of that day came a bit earlier on the 16th hole. That's where Woods struck a tee shot that just caught the slope of the green before funneling to near gimme range to give him control of the tournament.

Remember this one? Of course you do. We were impressed. You were impressed. Even Michael Phelps, who was standing right behind Woods, was impressed.

Well, after waiting 19 months to defend his Masters title, would you believe Woods hit one even closer on the par 3 in his first official attempt since last year? Of course you would. We're talking about the hole where he once pulled off arguably the greatest shot in Masters history. You know, "IN YOUR LIFE HAVE YOU SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THAT?!"

This time, with no patrons and a front pin for Thursday's first round, watch as Woods utilized another slope to near perfection:

Think he's got the hang of this hole?