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Masters 2020: Here's what the socially distanced Champions Dinner looked like

November 10, 2020

In a year in which most Masters traditions have been subject to triage due to the COVID-19, it was a pleasant surprise to see the Champions Dinner remain on the schedule. Gathering a few dozen people for a meal, particularly when several are of a certain age, presents challenges in the best of times, let alone in the middle of a pandemic.

Give credit then to Augusta National officials for coming up with a way to hold the event, which dates back to 1952, even if attendance wasn’t quite what it ordinarily is. A photo of a signed menu on showed 26 names, excluding club chairman Fred Ridley, out of a possible 33 living past champion were in attendance for the annual Tuesday meal. Among the missing were Fuzzy Zoeller and Tom Watson. The festivities were moved from clubhouse’s second-floor Library to first-floor Trophy Room to help provide a roomier (and safer) environment to share a meal.

As defending Masters champion, Tiger Woods played the role of host, serving a main course of prime steak and chicken fajitas.

The club released these images from the evening through its social media handles, showing what the evening looked like.


Ian Gilley/Augusta National