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Masters 2019: Tony Finau returned to the scene of the crime with his new, special edition shoe to protect his ankle

April 10, 2019
2019 Masters
Christian Ioossduring a practice round of the 2019 Masters Tournament held in Augusta, GA at Augusta National Golf Club on Wednesday, April 10, 2019.

The best moment of last year's Par 3 Contest at the Masters, aside from GT Nicklaus' ace at the ninth hole, was Tony Finau's ankle-breaking hole-in-one heard 'round the world. We've all seen the stomach-turning video enough, but if you insist on seeing it again, here goes. WARNING: NSFL (not safe for life):

Amazingly, after disgustingly popping his ankle back in, Finau not only finished the Par 3 Contest, but he went out Thursday morning and fired a four-under 68. He would eventually finish in a tie for 10th in just his first Masters appearance, a remarkable achievement with or without a fully healthy left ankle. The pictures Finau posted of his bruised ankle to his Instagram days later made his week all the more impressive (once again, NSFL).

On Wednesday, Finau returned to the scene of the crime with his ankles fully intact, and as he was preparing to hit his tee shot at the 7th hole his wife Alayna stopped him in his tracks. She had a bag with her and reached in and pulled out the Finau1, the same shoe Nike unveiled on April Fool's Day last week. But apparently it was no joke, the shoe is real, and Big Tone replaced his left shoe with the one with much better ankle support, and he damn near spun it off the slope into the hole again. Check out the video:

Finau was a great sport about the whole situation a year ago, so it's no surprise he's continuing to make light of it again this year. He ended up finishing the final two holes with the shoe on, carding a two-over 29. Here's some great photos of the Finau1 in the wild:

Andrew Redington
Andrew Redington
Andrew Redington

Also, peep the logo on Finau's shirt he wore Wednesday:

Andrew Redington
Andrew Redington

Hard guy not to root for. He'll go off Thursday morning at 9:58 a.m. ET alongside Sergio Garcia and Henrik Stenson, and you'll be able to watch their entire round on, as they are one of the featured groups.

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