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Masters 2019: Sergio Garcia's wife shows off impressive swing at Masters Par-3 Contest

We love the Masters Par-3 Contest for all the scenes of tour players enjoying a relaxing stroll around the club's short course with their families and friends before the Masters gets underway. It's really the only time all year we get to see players with their children and wives and girlfriends.

Often, we'll see a player's caddie step up and hit a putt or two—if not hit a tee shot. In 2018, we saw Jack Nicklaus' grandson ace the ninth hole—one of the enduring memories of the competition.

On Wednesday, we saw Sergio Garcia's wife, Angela, step up to hit a shot at Augusta National's ninth hole at its Par-3 course. We know Angela, a former college golfer on the University of Texas women's golf team, had some game. But she put it on display in a big way:

Not quite a hole-in-one ala G.T. Nicklaus, but truly impressive stuff from Angela. It looked like a great day for the Garcias, who also brought their daughter, Azalea, out to the course. How adorable?

The Masters - Par 3 Contest

Kevin C. Cox