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Marshawn Lynch's Cyber Monday sale went full Beast Mode in a hurry

November 28, 2017

Of Marshawn Lynch's many hilarious run-ins with the media, one stands out above them all - the time he scared the absolute shit out of everyone on an episode of 60 Minutes Sports. Allow us to refresh your memory (Warning - Language):

This moment gave viewers a closer, more frightening look at Lynch's "Beast Mode" mindset, one that he's unleashed on hundreds of poor defenders, high schoolers included, in his football career. It was also an A+ display of marketing for Lynch's apparel brand, aptly named "Beast Mode". What better time to don that in-your-face Beast Mode hat then when talking about literally running through a "Muf---'s" face.

That all-time 60 Minutes moment and Lynch's "Beast Mode" brand crossed paths once again on Tuesday, when Marshawn announced on Twitter that his website's Cyber Monday sale had been extended. But not just any sale, the "Run Thru A Muf---a Face" sale, of course:

Oh it is lit indeed. So head on over to beastmodeonline.com and run through your bank account's muf---'in face by buying all the "Beast Mode" apparel your muf---'in face can handle.