124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2


Winnipeg's Mark Scheifele named his two new pets Tiger Woods and Tom Brady for the exact reason you're thinking

Winnpeg Jets center Mark Scheifele still has two days before he laces up the skates for Game 1 against the Edmonton Oilers. This gives him plenty of time to tend to his two new pets, who he has only owned for just under two months.

These pets aren't your everyday house cat or dog, though. They are a pair of goats, who Scheifele named after his two favorite athletes: Tiger Woods and Tom Brady. 

Get it? Because they are the GOATs? Yeah, you get it. 

Scheifele sure sounds like a dude that would acquire two baby goats. For those wondering, Oliver is Scheifele's dog. We are unsure of the meaning of the name Oliver.  

Can't lie, those are two good looking baby GOATs. If the Jets make a run in the Stanley Cup playoffs, and Scheifele is a key player, Tiger and Brady are going to get an inordinate amount of shine. Brace yourselves.