Don't Mess With The Sandman

Pick-up basketball legend Adam Sandler is back, nature is healing

Adam Sandler may be famous in sports circles for his infamous golf swing, but it seems that he loves nothing more than joining random pick-up basketball games in an XXL polo shirt and baggy shorts.

If you want to hoop with the comedy icon, all you have to do is head over to Long Island as Sandler seems to have set up shop, basketballing on the daily.

It doesn’t matter that he’s playing against younger opponents. It’s the know-how that counts. Did you see that pocket pass to the top of the three-point line? That’s Chris Paul-esque veteran leadership.

This is certainly not the first time that the Sandman has been caught out and about as he has been getting buckets and showing off his unorthodox game for years now. It’s even been reported that Sandler likes having a hoop on set (to keep his game in peak form). During “Uncut Gems,” Kevin Garnett and Howard Ratner would get up shots in between takes.

Like all the greats, Sandler has his own basketball mixtape. It's everything you want it to be: dazzling dimes, hard-nosed defense from half-court and even a circus shot or two. John Wall, eat your heart out.

It’s heartening to us that even with all of his money and accolades Sandler wants nothing more than to get a good sweat out on the court. The man has the best life ... make movies in exotic locations and then cross up 22-year-olds.