Many people are saying Kyrie Irving called into a Boston radio show to defend himself

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Nathaniel S. Butler

Judging by many of Kyrie Irving's actions during his very short time in Boston, one could surmise that the point guard is a bit thin-skinned. This conspiracy theory floating around on Twitter won't help change that narrative.

This past Wednesday on the "Zolak & Bertrand Show," a Boston sports radio program, a caller named "Mikey in Waltham" phoned in to defend Kyrie Irving."So, I was just calling in saying that, with such a rare talent like Kyrie, it's a shame that the fans didn't welcome him in more," Mikey said. "Talents like that are so rare they come by fast, and I think it serves us right that now he's gone and look at what were left with."

Mikey's staunch defense of Irving immediately raised the eyebrows of one of the show's hosts, who said "wow, that's him," implying it was Irving calling into the show and defending himself. To be clear, there is absolutely zero confirmation of that, and that is quite the accusation. Have a listen to the full clip, in which they also splice in clips of Irving's interviews from the past, and decide for yourself:

Anytime you make such an accusation, especially on sports radio, everyone is going to promptly pick a side (First Take, ever heard of it?). It will be impossible to ever confirm if it is him, but most folks on Twitter already decided it is:

Just another day in the 24/7/365 reality show that is the NBA.