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Man suing famed UK golf club after claiming he got kicked out for playing too much

10th hole on the Old Course at Sunningdale Golf Club
Photo by Andrew Redington /Getty ImagesThe 10th hole on the Old Course at Sunningdale Golf Club.

Is playing too much golf a bad thing? Apparently, at one famed UK golf club, it is.

According to the UK Times, the exclusive Sunningdale Golf Club in Berkshire is being sued by a former member who says he was kicked out for teeing it up too often. The membership of John Cawood, a 72-year-old Australian, was revoked in 2015 for allegedly playing more than 30 rounds per year.

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Cawood claims he hasn't played that much golf since 2006.

“The club has a perceived idea that I play regularly over 30 times, but it’s not true,” Cawood said in court Tuesday.

“The last time I played over 30 rounds was in 2006, and I paid a pro-rata rate per game.”

Considering Cawood is a lawyer, he must think he has a pretty good case against the exclusive club, whose membership includes Sean Connery and Hugh Grant.

If you're thinking, 30 rounds of golf isn't that much, we're right with you. However, there's more to the story. The main complaint seems to be that Cawood, who spends the majority of the year in Australia, plays that much despite paying for a discounted overseas membership that costs about $1,500.

The full membership costs nearly $5,000. Either way, considering Sunningdale was No. 12 on Golf Digest's most recent ranking of the World's 100 Greatest Courses, that sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

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(h/t New York Post)