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Man sues Eagles’ tackle Fletcher Cox for seducing his wife

November 30, 2017

Icon Sportswire

In a story seemingly destined for the esteemed courtroom of Judge Judy, on November 22nd, Joshua Jeffords of Huntersville, North Carolina filed a lawsuit with the Mecklenburg County Civil Court suing Eagles’ defensive tackle Fletcher Cox for allegedly seducing his wife. We imagine your spouse running off with a professional athlete is a tough psycho-emotional pill to swallow as is, but just wait until you hear the details.

According to court documents, Jeffords’ wife first met Cox on a “work” trip to Philadelphia in April. Five months later, he discovered his wife’s infidelity via an explicit series of Snapchat communiques and [gulp] photos in which she even discussed having children with Cox. In October, his wife packed her bags and hopped a Philly-bound Greyhound, leaving Jeffords to collapse in on himself like a dying star, racking up over $50,000 in mental health treatment fees for which he now seeks compensation.

Now, we feel for Jeffords on a personal level here. Losing your girl to a NFL thoroughbred is a recipe for some seriously nightmarish its-10pm-and-what-are-they-doing-now spiral-outs, but come on. If every dude who got dumped sued someone, the entire American legal system would turn to dust. So what really gives? Something tells us if the lawyers do a little digging, they’ll find poor Josh Jeffords is probably just a Redskins fan.