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Man falls asleep at College World Series, ESPN sends reporter to make sure he's alive

June 21, 2018

Watching baseball at times can be. . . (how do we put this lightly?) . . . boring. And yes, we say that fully aware that golf has its own pace-of-play problems. But watching baseball in person helps -- unless you're some dude named Tim who was caught snoozing during a College World Series game on Wednesday.

There are so many great things about this situation, which was chosen as Scott Van Pelt's "Best thing I saw today" on SportsCenter. For one it took place in the SECOND inning. For another, this wasn't just a quick dozing off a la Mike Francesa, this was a full nap that lasted at least well into the third inning of the elimination game between UNC and Oregon State. How do we know that? Well, that's the best part.

ESPN sent Laura Rutledge to Tim's vicinity to get a full, live report. Rutlege whispered to keep from waking him, although she couldn't help but crack up at one point. Most importantly, she confirmed Tim was still breathing. Phew. Check it out:

Luckily, no one was in the seat next to Tim (he looks like a drooler), and hopefully, the big guy got a good night's rest. Then again, even if he didn't, there are a lot more College World Series games on the schedule for him to catch up on his sleep.