Cricket legend Kevin Pietersen makes video mocking golfer Kevin Na for his slow play

February 21, 2018

Cricket legend Kevin Pietersen posted a screen-grab video of Kevin Na taking an inordinate amount of time over a par putt during Sunday's final round of the Genesis Open. Well, an inordinate amount of time for the average golfer. For the notoriously deliberate Na, it wasn't that unusual. Anyway, here's Pietersen's post, which made the rounds on Golf Twitter -- in addition to going out to his 3.6 million followers:

But Pietersen wasn't finished on the topic of Na's slow play. On Wednesday, he shared this video of him handling a similar-length putt. In a not-so-similar amount of time.

"That's how it's done, mate." Point taken. Although, to be fair, one Kevin was putting on a practice green while the other was putting for a $1.3 million prize. We're going to say the appropriate amount of time to take in Na's situation is somewhere in between.

UPDATE: Na responded on Wednesday night:

Again, there's a middle ground here. But we're enjoying this unexpected social media beef!