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This LPGA player probably jumps (a lot) higher than you

LPGA player Daniela Holmqvist is known by the nickname "Spider Woman" because she once used a golf tee to cut venom out of her leg after being bitten by a spider during a tournament. But like Spider Man, apparently she can also leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Or wait, is that Superman? I'm not good with superheroes. In any event, Daniela is good at jumping. Very good. And she showed off that superpower on Instagram:

Wow. Those are some serious hops.

Daniela doesn't say just how high she jumped, but Golf Digest photo/video editor Michael Sneeden estimates those boxes are stacked 38 to 40 inches high. And his wife is a physical trainer so I'm guessing he knows his stuff too.

Either way, Holmqvist has plenty of bounce as they'd say in the NBA. And at next week's ANA Inspiration, where the winner jumps into Poppie's Pond, she could really make a splash.