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LPGA English Policy: No More

September 06, 2008

A letter from Golf World reader Dean Toriello of Grand Rapids, Michigan, landed a few hours before the LPGA reversed its new English-language policy and a few hours after State Farm Insurance, an LPGA sponsor, publicly questioned the policy. Count Toriello among those who are glad the LPGA caved.



Ron Sirak's article about the new LPGA mandate was more fair than the rule. He presented an unbiased look. I wonder how the LPGA would deal with a player who was mute. Sounds ridiculous but so is their decision! It's so discriminatory I'm speechless!!!


Apparently similar reaction around the world left commissioner Bivens speechless as well. She seems to have had no idea that the policy would be greeted derisively. According to the LPGA's statement:

"After hearing the concerns, we believe there are other ways to achieve our shared objective of supporting and enhancing the business opportunities for every tour player."

Here's Sirak (post reversal):


Clearly, no one at the LPGA vetted the impact that suspending players who could not speak English would have on the various constituencies of the tour.


The decision Friday to rescind the penalty was a shockingly swift admission that the original decision was not thoroughly thought out. In a statement issued under the name of Carolyn Bivens the tour said: "The LPGA has received valuable feedback from a variety of constituents regarding the recently announced penalties attached to our effective communications policy. We have decided to rescind those penalty provisions."

Keep that valuable feedback coming in. We'll get this mess straightened out yet.

--Bob Carney