Local Knowledge

Our latest podcast examines what it's really like to play Augusta National—and how you can (maybe) get a tee time there

April 05, 2021

Don't get too excited, but there's a chance you could play Augusta National someday. I mean, it could happen. Because it has happened. For a fortunate few, at least.

In the current issue of Golf Digest, our Peter Finch wrote about the various, sometimes sneaky ways you can get a coveted tee time at the Masters venue—and what the club is like once you drive down Magnolia Lane.

“We often think about people who get to play Augusta National as lucky bastards," says Finch, who spoke to more than a dozen regular golfers with experience playing at Augusta National. "Somehow, they won this cosmic lottery, and they get to go play there. In fact, most of the people who play there have gotten there with some effort.”

On the latest episode of Local Knowledge, we ask Finch more about what he learned reporting and writing this fun story. We also talk to several of those so-called lucky bastards, who confirm that, yes, playing Augusta National is pretty darn sweet.

And while listening to this podcast probably won't help you get a tee time there, we think you'll still enjoy hearing their tales. And who knows? Maybe they'll help if you ever get the chance to be a lucky bastard, too.