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Local Knowledge: A new podcast from Golf Digest

Golf Digest’s new podcast, Local Knowledge, will draw on the brand’s strengths as the game’s premier storytellers by producing deep-dive audio programs into specific topics that resonate with golfers.


Alex Myers

Alex Myers is a senior writer at Golf Digest, where he has written about all things golf since 2009. His weekly column, The Grind, has been around since 2013, and the accompanying videos make his mom proud. Prior to that, Alex was a sports reporter at The Journal News after graduating from Wake Forest, where he was definitely not on the golf team. He has never had a hole-in-one and probably never will, so don't ask him about that.

Daniel Rapaport

Daniel Rapaport is a staff writer for Golf Digest, which he joined in 2019 after two years at Sports Illustrated. He is Golf Digest’s designated Tiger Woods correspondent and a one-time PGA Tour caddie (yes, his boss made the cut that week). Daniel is a graduate of Northwestern University, a scratch-ish player, and a true appreciator of the spinny pitch. Follow him on Twitter.