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hair today, gone tomorrow

LIV Golf team tricks fans with April Fools prank, beware this holiday

April 01, 2024

David Cannon

April 1st is a brutal day to be writing for an online publication. You see a bit of news drop on Al Gore’s internet, you put something together and next thing you know you’ve been hoodwinked. It’s dangerous with all of these too-good-to-be-true stories floating around. What’s real? What isn’t? What’s happening with Cam Smith’s hair?

Well, we can definitively answer that last one. What initially appeared to be a shocking haircut for the mulleted Aussie, turned out to be just an April Fools' Day prank. God, what an evil holiday.

In the late afternoon of March 31st (a perilous time), LIV Golf’s Ripper GC announced that Cam Smith had moved away from the mullet. Now, there was a photo involved and an official source, but that’s how they get you. There’s even a "quote" from Smith himself.

“Meet the new Cam Smith,” Ripper GC writes, along with a line attributed to the major winner: “I was just bored of the mullet.”

The Internet went haywire, as it so often does, with many bidding farewell to the mullet and starting their obits. One individual, in particular, decided to go in a different direction and say, “Get back in the gym and start being competitive again cause [you've] got a little doughy.” Twitter’s always gonna Twitter.

Like the biblical Samson, Cam Smith’s power is in his hair. Cutting it off right before the Masters is a real no-no for the LIV Golfer looking for his second major victory.

We also know that Cam Smith cares about his mullet and that it’s not going anywhere, which is truly a win for the fellas.

"I think it looks a bit better,” Smith said back in 2021. “My girlfriend doesn't like it. My mom doesn't like it. Not many females in my family like it, but I'm thinking all the boys love it so ... I'm gonna keep it I think for a little bit.

April Fools can’t take that from us. It just can’t.